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List of illnesses Basic Principles of CRnT
CRnT compact
Causal Regulative Neural Technique as a short overview
1. Background and experience leading to the concept of CRnT
A. Essential results and discoveries over a long period of time before

• Old findings and experience
and their analogy to modern physiology results
• The basic discovery,
that disturbed nerves of a body area can send pathogenic effects on long-distance parts in the body
• Procain - a medicine known as a local anaethetic was discovered in its quality as a
healing agent

B. The development of the CRnT- Concept

• The basis discovery
and the scientific biochemical proof of the healing principle used in CRnT
• The lack of causative treatment in orthodox medicine
leading to the idea of CRnT
• The integration of modern diagnostic techniques in CRnT

2. Conditions and relationships in the autonomic nervous system decisive for successful CRnT
A. Significance of the autonomic nervous system

• The nervous system
and its subdivisions motor and autonomic nervous systems
• The autonomic nervous system
and its subdivisions sympathetic and parasympathetic systems
• Specific functions and regulation processes
of the autonomic nervous system

B. Significance of interferences in the autonomic nervous system

• The causes of illness: “LD-areas” - localized disturbed areas of the autonomic nervous system

3. The way CRnT functions

The examination

Thermography is the basis for the treatment with CRnT - the first and second measurement - drawing down of the thermogram - evaluation of the thermogram - analysis of the patient´s history of former illnesses - development of the treatment concept - concept talk of the doctor with the patient

The treatment

The technique - most precise injection technique with finest needles - injections to superficial and deeper placed nerve-cell-areas - the injections are free from any danger or risk - only a minimal pain by injection - “Lidocain”, the “agent” used in CRnT – difference of Lidocain as an „agent“ to a „medicine“ - the two different forms of the use of Lidocain - Lidocain as an agent for „reparation“ - no side effects - enforcement by application of middle-power laser

The procedure: - 10 treatment sessions - duration of a treatment - cure-like application daily or every second day - number of necessary treatment sessions - no need of future repetition of treatment

4. The outrageously successful treatment results of CRnT
Diseases being successful treated by CRnT - healings in all different special fields of conventional medicine - elimination of the causes generates the healing - therapies having been applied before are mostly „symptomatic“ - CRnT searches, finds and cures the causes - healings even possible after 10, 20 or 30 years
5. CRnT application on an international basis in selected suitable well- and fitness hotels

Applied experience out of 20 years of practice - application on an international basis in selected hotels - ICFC and its function - bookings of CRnT exclusively over ICFC - bookings and organization of therapy weeks - inquiries of patients to the ICFC - the charges of treatment

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