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CRnT application on an international basis in selected and well- and fitness hotels

1. Bookings and inquiries

Where treatment with CRnT takes place

The application of CRnT takes place on an international basis in selected, for this purpose suitable well- and fitness hotels. CRnT is carried out in a cure-like, close-meshed form of application within a short time like two or three weeks.

The ICFC and its function

The ICFC - International Center For CRnT - as the internet-administration, handles the date inquiries of the patients und organizes the therapy weeks with CRnT on an international basis in for this purpose selected suitable hotels. CRnT treatment is exclusively booked over the ICFC.

The preliminary basic examination and all CRnT treatment application is exclusively carried out by Dr. med. D. Weihermann , the doctor who developed CRnT over the course of 20 years.

Inquiries of patients about the treatment with CRnT

For questions about a treatment with CRnT the patients address themselves per telephone or per Email to the ICFC, which draws up the questions of the patients and answers to them personally on the telephone or by Email. For that reason the actual telephone number is to be found on the Internet starting page, which is always up to date. You can also find it, also actualized, in this chapter “Contact and Organization”.

For special medical questions concerning their individual illness, the patients contacts the ICFC, which arranges with them the date for a telephone call, in which the patients can talk about their problems with Dr. Weihermann personally.

Emails are handled by the ICFC, if need be, submitted to Dr. Weihermann for medical judgment.

Inquiries about the arrangement of the dates for a treatment with CRnT

For inquiries about the arrangement of dates for a treatment with CRnT the patients contact the ICFC, which draws up the patients, announcing themselves to a CRnT treatment. According to it the ICFC builds up therapy weeks, and contacts back the patients to make them fix.

The charges of treatment with CRnT

The charges of treatment with CRnT are correspondent to

1. the extraordinarily high medical effort concerning time,

2. the individually required input of high-specialized medical knowledge,

3. the doctor´s uttermost highly concentrated manual- technical precision and

4. the individually to the patient´s illness adapted know-how.

All therapy is non-delegated application and exclusively applied by Dr. med. D. Weihermann.

Inquiries of the patients for the pre-estimated charges of their individual treatment are made to the ICFC.

2. The Organization of the procedure of the therapy - weeks with CRnT

The ICFC organizes the performance of therapy weeks on an international basis in selected, for this purpose suitable well- and fitness hotels. CRnT is carried out in a cure-like, close-meshed application.

The whole treatment consists of an examination at the first day and altogether 10 singular treatment sessions. These take place daily, or every second day.

A. The examination

The „Thermography“ is the basis for the treatment with CRnT:

The measuring procedure

In the examination procedure the doctor measures the temperature of 60 reflex areas of the skin at the head and trunk using a high sensible sensor stick. There are two circles of measuring, and the registered temperatures are analysed by a computer and printed out on a diagram.

The examination takes place in the morning, the patient comes in a sort of way just like “got out of bed “:no shower, no brushing the teeth, no shaving, no coffee, no skin creams, no beauty applications. So all, what usually makes people „shaken awake“ in the morning“, or irritates and changes the skin, is forbidden. Allowed is a glass of normal-temperature water or milk and a piece of bread or a toast.

The first measuring circle

So the sensor stick at the first measure circle hits non-irritated skin points. Those are situated in the middle of skin reflex areas of the different organs. These skin reflex areas are closely linked by fine vegetative fibres with those finest nerve fibres in the inner of the body at and in the different organs. Taken it practically, they are the outside mirror-like picture of the “inner electric tension” of the governing nerves at the organs. There are measure points at the head for the eyes, ears, nasal

cavaties, dental-,low jaw-, occiput- and neck- areas, further on at the front neck the tonsils- and lymphatic region, at the trunk the reflex areas of the bronchia, lungs, heart, stomach, duodenum, kidneys, liver, gall bladder, intestinum, the other stomach- and pelvic- organs and all over of those their distinguished smaller “minor sections”. The first measuring of those 60 measure points takes 5 minutes.

After this it follows the first real big irritation of the day: the patient puts his hands in very cold water, and with additionally denuded upper part of the body he cools down.

The second measurement circle

After ten minutes of cooling down the second measure circle takes place. The doctor knows of every measure point, how it should have reacted to the irritation of cooling down. The second measurement now shows up the reactions of the measured skin reflex areas. This results in the ready Thermogram with the first circle of measurement and the related and to be compared temperatures of the second measurement.

Analysis of the thermogram

So the doctor, analysing the results of the thermogram can recognize, in which organ areas the vegetative nerves are “electrically healthy”, but also, where they are “electrically disturbed”. In this way the doctor finds the disturbances, that are the causes for the chronic illness of the patient.

The treatment concept and the concept talk

The list of his former illnesses, injuries or operations , that the patient has written down for to the examination, gives further information to the doctor, where the causes of his illness are.

In the concept talk, after analysis of the thermogram and the patient´s list of former illness the doctor has with the patient, further questions can be clarified and the doctor explains to the patient, what he has to do, to carry out a successful treatment with CRnT up to healing.

The results of the thermogram and the patient´s list of former illnesses deliver to the doctor a clear treatment concept, that is written down an fixed in the card-filing. Mostly, in the case of a patient with a „chronic“ and “long-term disease”, there are several energy-disturbed areas in depth to be treated and thereby freed from interference, like for example the „pelvic area“ or the solar plexus in the upper stomach and several “superficial” areas like for ex. the nerves in the scars of the skin and skin reflex areas referred to an inner organ.

B. The treatment

In the procedure of CRnT treatment all detected disturbed vegetative areas are repolarised by Lidocain in every of the10 necessary singular treatment sessions and in this way lead to the healing. Every treatment session takes 3 quarters of an hour´s time inclusively the inforcing application of the laser.

Experience has shown, that 6 treatment sessions are needed for the reconstruction in the energy-disturbed areas, and 4 further ones for the definitive stabilization of the healing effect. In extreme cases there can be necessary 12 - 14 treatment sessions.

CRnT is carried out in a cure-like, close-meshed application, that means daily or every second day,

So with daily application the patient is ready in two weeks as a maximum, with the rhythm of every second day after 3 weeks.

By this the treatment is completely finished. A repetition of the treatment series is not necessary.

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